The 3 Step Method For Getting Your Clients to Send You Referrals From Their Network Without You Even Asking For Them!

This Method Has Been Used to Generate As Many As 248 Referrals In a Single Week!

Finally, You Can Stop Trying to “Get Clients” and Start Having Them Delivered to You on a Silver Platter!

Dear Unstoppable CEO,

I’m going to share something with you that, until now, I've only shared with a few close friends and members of my exclusive private client group. It's a technique that I taught to Allan, a consulting client, just two weeks ago.

90-minutes after I walked Allan through this process he emailed to say…


He'd landed 11 referrals in one client meeting!

Not bad for 90-minutes of work.

He tried it again two days later…9 referrals.

And again three weeks later…9 more referrals.

In just the first 30-days using the technique I'm going to share with you (and only using it 3-times), Allan attracted 29 referrals. All fit his definition of IDEAL clients. He's since set sales appointments and closed business with several (and that's only the beginning).

So here’s what Allan learned…

All the Clients You Need are Close at Hand

Most business owners struggle their entire career trying to attract prospects they don’t know.

They spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising.

Waste hundreds of hours each year attending “networking” events that seldom yield results.

Go to expensive and time-consuming tradeshows hoping to land enough new clients to make a return.

And all of it is unnecessary.

You’re sitting on an untapped well of prospects you don't know…hidden from your view and waiting to be accessed.

The trick is finding them inside your network.

Why Most People Never Find the Missing Key That Could Unlock the Vault to an Unlimited Stream of Ideal Clients

If it's true that the connections you need are already there for you, why do so many people struggle to get the referrals they need?

They simply don't know how to access all that their network has to offer. For years I fell into this group.I was great at networking and "making connections." It seemed like I knew everyone, yet my network wasn't working for me.

As I look back I realize…it was my fault. I just didn't know how to uncover the links that I needed to drive new business and personal growth.

Until I stumbled onto the Blueprint.

Even Beginners Are Able to See Immediate Results With This Simple, Easy, Yet Almost Unknown Technique

This isn’t some "magic script to memorize"…

I don't believe in magic scripts. I've never felt comfortable using them myself. It's just not me.

Using the technique I'll share with you…what I call The Network Infiltration Blueprint, you won't need a script.

This technique works because it's "no-pressure"…you simply have a friendly conversation with your client or referral partner.

It's based on the truth that most of your clients and referral partners want to help you, they just don’t know how to do it in a way that's easy and comfortable for them.

The Network Infiltration Blueprint shows you how to make helping YOU the easiest thing they'll do all week.

I'm Gifting You With a System to "Mine the Gold" from the Networks of Your Current Clients and Actually Have Them Thank You For It!

The Network Infiltration Blueprint is my gift to you, when you join me inside The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL—my premium business intelligence service.

In past issues subscribers have discovered:

  • 9 proven ways to become the dominate player in your market
  • How to apply The Authority Multiplier Blueprint to effortlessly attract your ideal clients at premium fees without competition
  • The almost unknown secret of the Pyramid of Influence and how to use it to become a “celebrity” in your market or nicheThe two “low-tech”, almost free ways to grow your business fast
  • How to roll a “Demand Snowball” that virtually guarantees you’ll always have a consistent stream of new, eager to buy, ideal clients so you’ll never again experience the up and down sales roller-coaster that “normal” businesses endure.
  • My “un-sexy” marketing secret that’s never yet failed to produce new clients.
  • How the sitcom “Seinfeld” may hold the key to uncovering the most important “big idea” in your business.
  • The most useful piece of “junk mail” I read regularly…and how you can put the very same principles to work in your business to drive up referrals and repeat business.
  • The easiest and most effective way to do “content marketing” that you’ll never read about online…this technique cuts the tedious work of creating client-getting content by 90%, saving 4+ hours a week.

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Dennis Scarry

Dennis Scarry

Timesaver Accounting

I received the first issue of the Unstoppable CEO CONFIDENTIAL and it was life changing. It gave me a brand new perspective on my business. In just the first few days after reading The Unstoppable CEO CONFIDENTIAL we have implemented two ideas Steve shared in the very first issue. Thank you Steve for this most valuable insight!

John Murphy

John Murphy

John Murphy International

A friend of mine first suggested I get a copy of Steve's monthly bulletin The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL and I was really blown away with the quality of the content - really helpful...Steve's approach is now the cornerstone of my strategy, and I can tell you that it works so well. To every business owner I would say - stop thinking if you should dive into Steve's Unstoppable Referrals world, just do it! It will be a game changer for you too!

Quentin Pain

Quentin Pain

Legendary Business Owners, Ltd.

"I've been following Steve's stuff for quite some time, and eventually took the plunge and signed up to his Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL newsletter. I don't know how he manages to come up with such great stuff month after month, but it's been worth every penny. This one's a keeper."